Martin Battock

Financial Services Representative
Financial Planner

Domicile State: AZ
California Insurance License #: 0C16337
Arkansas Insurance License #: 2659286

A financial planner since 1979, Marty Battock has frequently been invited to give economic updates and speak on wealth management topics at a variety of events and organizations. He uses the investment philosophy based on the 1990 Nobel Prize-winning strategy by Harry Markowitz, which has served their clients through all the economic cycles of the past 23 years.*

CA Insurance Lic. #0C16337 Domiciled in AZ

AR License Lic. # 2659286 Domiciled in AZ

* No investment strategy, including asset allocation or diversification, can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. No forecasts can be guaranteed. The 1990 Nobel Prize-winning strategy by Harry Markowitz refers to Modern Portfolio Theory (“MPT”), which is  an investment technique which suggests that each investment should be considered for its effect on the overall portfolio.  A wisely chosen portfolio will tend to maximize expected long-term return for some value of risk/volatility or, equivalently, minimize risk/volatility for some expected long-term return.  MPT is a Nobel Prize winning approach to investing (Harry Markowitz won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics for it).

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